Gaza Sports & Community Club - Est. 1903 8261 4450


At the turn of the century, Klemzig was known as Kobandilla, but by 1909 the name had been changed and the Klemzig Football Club was formed.  It played for three seasons, first in blue & white, then red white and blue, its last year being spent in the Adelaide & Suburban Association. In 1916 in the middle of World War I, there was considerable talk about the Government changing the names of towns which had German associations. Then in 1917 it was Gazetted that all towns in South Australia with German names would be changed on January 10th, 1918, to suitable Australian names.
The Gaza Football Club was founded in 1903, then on December 12th, 1935, the name of the suburb reverted to Klemzig, but after Word War II the members of the Gaza football and cricket clubs voted unanimously at an A.G.M. to retain the name Gaza in perpetuity. Gaza is one of the four remaining inaugural members of the original North Adelaide District Association (the others being Kilburn, Mitcham and Walkerville).